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Toray Plastics introduces Torayfan RS03 RipStop film

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Simon Matthis - 01 Dec 2016

Toray Plastics (America), Inc. announces the introduction of Torayfan® RS03 RipStop film, a new, high-tensile-strength polypropylene-based film designed for box-reinforcement tape applications. The tapes are used to reinforce die-cut box handles and can be integrated into the sides of corrugated and paperboard boxes to reinforce them. New RS03 exhibits excellent tear resistance in the transverse direction (TD or cross-machine) and high tensile-strength in the machine direction (MD). RS03 replaces traditional polyester- and fiberglass-filament-based tapes that are primarily in use in the market today. Boxes and box handles reinforced with RS03 provide the end user and consumer with a secure, sturdy construction. Box applications include beverage cases, corrugated bulk bins, and moving and storage boxes.

In addition, RS03 offers the reinforcement tape market important source-reduction benefits. It weighs less than fiberglass and polyester filament materials, so less material is needed for producing tape. When RS03 is integrated into the sides of boxes, that reinforcement may allow end users to transition to a box with a lower total board weight. The reduction in the amount of tape, paper, and corrugated materials is good for the environment. RS03 can be customized to meet customers’ tensile-strength requirements and is available in custom colors.

“RS03 RipStop film offers manufacturers a new, reliable, environment-friendly, value-added solution for reinforcement applications,” says Chris Fisher, Account Representative, Toray Plastics (America). “In addition, manufacturers accustomed to using traditional materials need no special equipment to convert RS03 into tape.”

Fisher notes that RS03’s tensile strength allows it do double duty and also perform as an easy-open tear tape. “Box manufacturers can now add an easy-open component to their box structure that will cleanly and consistently tear through rugged board.”