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New Vaisala probe measures carbon dioxide

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Simon Matthis - 17 Mar 2016

Vaisala introduces a brand new carbon dioxide meter for applications with higher CO2 concentrations, such as for life science incubators, cold storages and fruit and vegetable transportation and storage. The Vaisala CARBOCAP Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP251 measures from 0 to 20 % CO2.

The new GMP251 probe is intended for demanding industrial CO2 measurement applications, where stable, reliable and accurate performance is required, and where the amount of carbon dioxide reaches percentage levels. 

 "For example, the GMP251 is optimal in CO2 incubator control and monitoring in life science applications, in which carbon dioxide levels are used to control pH levels and to optimize cell cultivation environments.  It is also ideal for the various monitoring needs in CO2 refrigeration applications - for example in cold storage at supermarkets', or at indoor ice stadiums. In fruit and vegetable transportation and storage applications, the probe controls and monitors that the carbon dioxide the fruits and vegetables naturally emit is kept on the right level for the fruits to stay fresh," says Maria Uusimaa, Product Manager at Vaisala Controlled Environment.

The intelligent stand-alone probe provides both analog and digital outputs. The operating temperature ranges from -40 to +60 °C, and the probe has IP65 classified housing: these features makes it suitable for a wide range of measurement applications, for example, in wash-down areas.

The GMP251 uses Vaisala's second-generation CARBOCAP® technology incorporating the microglow light source technology.

"The Microglow chip is a silicon MEMS emitter infrared source, which improves the reliability and stability of the probes to a new level. We have replaced the traditional filament lamp- with this unique light source, which enables better accuracy, stability and prolonged lifetime," says Product Manager Uusimaa.

All products are manufactured in Finland by Vaisala, and include a calibration certificate.