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GE Pharmaceuticals takes on a pioneering role in the pharma market

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Simon Matthis - 23 Feb 2016

By integrating two Tamper Evidence solutions from Baumer hhs in the two new packaging lines at its factory in Botevgrad in Bulgaria, GE Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has taken on a pioneering role in the European packaging market as regards brand protection.

The electric application heads of the Tamper Evidence solution apply a sophisticated combination of hot melt and cold glue to folding cartons, enabling GE Pharmaceuticals to achieve maximum protection against falsification of its pharmaceutical packs. In this context, the quality monitoring system integrated in the Baumer hhs Tamper Evidence solution guarantees a consistently high level of security for all medicinal product packagings in the framework of Directive 2011/62/EU for prescription drugs. This ultimately makes it virtually impossible for brand pirates to open and re-close packagings sealed with hot melt and cold glue without leaving visible traces.

The two innovative Tamper Evidence solutions were integrated into new, automated packaging lines from two different manufacturers. Depending on how the demand of GE Pharmaceuticals' customers for tamper-proof pharmaceutical packagings develops, more of the packaging lines installed at the factory will be equipped with the Tamper Evidence solution from Baumer hhs. The same applies to the new packaging lines that GE Pharmaceuticals is planning for the near future.

"The electric application heads of the Baumer hhs Tamper Evidence solution reliably apply the adhesives at very high production speeds and in excellent quality. At the same time, the monitoring of glue application with the Baumer hhs glue sensors allows us to inspect 100% of the packagings we produce on the new lines. No other manufacturer on the market was capable of offering comparable solutions," says Dr. Günter Datz, Managing Director of GE, describing the new partnership with the Krefeld-based experts for every aspect of gluing and the associated quality assurance. "These Tamper Evidence solutions allow an ideal combination of product safety, cost-efficiency and flexibility in folding carton design." That's why, when it came to the optical quality of the packagings, GE Pharmaceuticals had to make no compromises whatsoever in favour of brand protection.