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Wetend Technologies awarded at ATIP Innovation Competition

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Simon Matthis - 17 Feb 2016

Wetend Technologies Ltd was awarded with a silver medal -'Palme d'Argent'- in an Innovation Competition of its new Flash Mixing Reactor Technology. The award was given by the French Paper Industry Technical Association (ATIP). Innovation Contest was organized in conjunction with the annual ATIP Conference and Exhibition in Grenoble, France on November 24-26, 2015.

The ATIP Innovation Award rewards innovative technologies and solutions for pulp and paper industry. The awards are highly regarded among the European pulp and paper industry.

Wet end additives and chemicals contribute to papermaking by providing functional properties and serving as the most important process aid of the entire production. Additive utilization in papermaking depends on the type of paper or board, other raw materials used, papermaking technology and desired end properties.

The global paper and board industry uses billions of tons of different additives annually.

The new Fast TrumpJet Flash Mixing Reactor of Wetend for chemicals and additives questions old practices and opens possibilities to improve cost efficiency of production and paper or board characteristics.

Result is a new revolutionary process to flash mix chemicals into the process. Chemical savings are surprisingly large. Cost savings are e.g. 1 mil EUR per a single production line.

Technology enables also generating composite-type of paper or board structure. Also new type of fiber-based materials can be efficiently mixed close to headbox – such like synthetic long fibers, micro- and nanofibers and reactive additives. TrumpJet® Flash Mixing Chemical Reactors are already in commercial operation at several papermills.

Wetend Technologies Ltd is a technology and innovation company focusing in mixing of chemicals and additives into large process flows with novel sustainable TrumpJet® Flash mixing technology and related sub-processes.