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Cartonnages du Dauphiné sees a boost in productivity with Bobst

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Simon Matthis - 26 Jan 2016

Cartonnages du Dauphiné, located in Champ Pres Froges, France, was the beta testing site for the Bobst Expertfold 165, taking delivery of the machine in November 2014. Compared to the folder-gluer it replaced, the Expertfold at the plant has raised productivity by 30% in its first year of production, with room for further improvement, and the company can now manufacture and sell a much wider range of box styles.

Pascal Olier, General Manager of Cartonnages du Dauphiné, says, "A big part of the increase in productivity was from the faster setting times of the Expertfold. On some jobs we have cut them by as much as half compared to the machine it replaced. That is important for a sheet plant like us because our folder-gluers have to makeready many times a day. Also this new machine runs more consistently, with better control of the box during the folding process, which improves quality and further increases productivity." Several design elements of the new Expertfold deliver this faster makeready, improved consistency and higher quality. These include a Matic system for the automatic setting of carriers and job parameters, as well as an Accufeed blank alignment system that ensures precise entry of the blank to the folding section. The design of the folding section itself minimizes fishtailing and gap, its extra length creating smoother folding. This, along with innovative new creasing units at the entry, delivers the high folding quality that manufacturers need today. A high accuracy pre-breaker ensures excellent box performance on machine-erect lines, which many brand owners now demand. Locatd in the foothills of the French Alps, sheet plant Cartonnages du Dauphiné has a turnover of just over €7 million.