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Scheufelen and Heidelberg in cooperation over phoenolux

Photo: Scheufelen
Photo: Scheufelen
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Simon Matthis - 17 Dec 2015

Recently, the Heidelberg Web Carton Converting GmbH completed a first printing trial with Scheufelen phoenolux c1s 300 gsm. Using the Heidelberg Inline Converting System ICS 670 the new developed carton has been printed from roll to finished die-cut within one single pass. Processing this project, two high-end providers came together which complete each other perfectly. ¨

Especially the performance of the Scheufelen SBS board phoenolux, its whiteness and outstanding printability has the optimal prerequisites to show ability and performance of the Heidelberg inline web press at its best.

The design of the carton box, containing information from both companies, was agreed within a few days and printing could get started. Several thousand reference boxes were produced for the use of sales and marketing departments in both companies. First customers of Scheufelen already got the chance to evaluate the quality of the finished paperboard. They were impressed by beauty of the design with contrast colours defined by the luxury white surface of phoenolux, final-ised by an elegant cold foil finishing. The functionality of the box is supported by perfect folding characteristics of phoenolux by Scheufelen, as well as by the efficient creasing process of the Heidelberg FCL.