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Segezha joined the European association of sack kraft paper manufacturers

Photo: Segezha Group
Photo: Segezha Group
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Simon Matthis - 16 Dec 2016

Segezha Group (part of Sistema JFSC) has become a regular member of CEPI Eurokraft Association. A large majority of the Association’s board adopted this resolution at the session headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The affiliation approval came after the visit of Elin Floresjö, Secretary General of CEPI Eurokraft to Segezha city, Republic of Karelia, Russia, with the site-tour of two large production plants: Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill and Segezha Packaging.

In her recent function as engineer-ecologist, international insurance risk manager and BM-5 production manager at Nordic Paper Bäckhammar Mill (Sweden), Elin Floresjö inspected the modernization procedures at SPPM, and namely, fiberline upgrade at the pulp mill and examined advanced paper sack production facilities of Segezha Packaging.

The receiving party conveyed to Secretary General of CEPI Eurokraft that boiler upgrade brought about a 28% increase in output capacity of the mill - from the current 900 tpd up to 1 150 tpd. The production yield for the 9-month period of the current year has reached circa 204,000 t of paper, 213,500 t of pulp has been cooked in the boiling units. Over the same period, paper sack sales have seen a 10% increase year-on-year (and reached 990.6 mln pcs).

In 2017, the new 110,000 tpa paper-making machine producing all types of paper will be rigged up at the mill.

As a result, the sack paper production yield at SPPM will grow by 40%. Elin Floresjö outlined the dynamic changes within the Group, highlighting the significance of new PMM -12 construction as part of production facilities upgrade.

Before co-opting the Russian company, the regular CEPI Eurokraft consisted of 10 member-companies (from Sweden, Poland, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Estonia, France and a number of other countries). The overall output of kraft paper thereof adds up to 2.5 mln tpy.

Segezha Group is one of the largest Russian forest industry holdings with the vertically integrated structure and a full cycle of logging and added-value wood processing.