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Oji to expand thermal paper capacity

Photo: Dreamteam11
Photo: Dreamteam11
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Simon Matthis - 29 Mar 2016

Oji Imaging Media Co., Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Oji Holdings Corporation has decided to expand thermal paper production at Oji Papeis Especiais Ltda. (Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil) which currently produces thermal and carbonless paper.

Completion of this production expansion is scheduled at July of 2017 and the amount of capital investment is around $9 million.

Brazil’s economy continues to be in a recession, but thermal paper consumption continues to be at a stable growth, accordint to Oji Holding. The reason for this is that a major market for thermal paper which is related to POS system and logistics which continue to grow. These applications are forecasted to grow even more in the South America regionl.

As of today, Oji Papeis Especiais Ltda. is producing thermal paper from 2 thermal coaters.