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Rottneros mill to invest in new biomass boiler

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Simon Matthis - 08 Mar 2016

Swedish market pulp producer Rottneros' announced that its Board of Directors has approved an investment of SEK 98 million at Rottneros Mill for a new energy and emission efficient biomass boiler. Energy produced by the new boiler will completely replace oil as the energy source used to dry pulp in the mill's flash dryers.

The investment will also lead to large parts of the mill's energy system being rebuilt, which will increase energy efficiency significantly, Rottneros noted.

The supplier of the new boiler will be selected in the near future.

“When we're now investing in a new biofuel boiler, we will also optimize and rebuild our energy system at the mill. It will result in significant energy efficiency improvements and environmental benefits in terms of lower emission levels. The extents of the savings are at least SEK 25 million per year,” said Olle Dahlin, CEO of Rottneros Mill.

Detailed engineering has begun and the new biofuel boiler is expected to come on line in mid-2017.

Rottneros Mill (Rottneros, Sweden) produces CTMP (Chemi-Thermo-Mechanical Pulp) and groundwood pulp and has the capacity to produce 150,000 tonnes per year.