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Head Engineering to supply tall oil plant to SCA Östrand

Photo: SCA
Photo: SCA
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Simon Matthis - 08 Mar 2016

Head Engineering – a supplier of black liquor soap related process solutions within the pulp and paper industry – has received an order for engineering, main equipment supply, Installation and commissioning of a continuous crude tall oil production plant as part of SCA’s expansion project for the Östrand pulp mill. The plant has a scheduled startup date for late 2017, while the expanded pulp mill will come on stream in June 2018.

The modern state of the art continuous crude tall oil plant, with the trade name PINOLA TOPP, will have a daily capacity of 168 t CTO. HEAD Engineering’s proprietary technology with a dynamic tall oil reactor and high-efficiency centrifugal separators from Alfa Laval, produces crude tall oil of the highest quality and yield unmatched by other technologies on the market. The advanced process and technology ensures unchanged acid number, low water and ash content and a recovery yield of 99% of available CTO in sulfate soap.

Crude tall oil is biologically degradable and its refined components are used in fuel additives, polymer additives, coatings and personal care products.