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Ence pulp mill to be extended

Photo: Ence
Photo: Ence
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Simon Matthis - 27 Jan 2016

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Environment has awarded Ence the extension of the concession to occupy the land on which its pulp mill is located in Pontevedra. The extension is granted for 60 years, over the initial 50 years foreseen, given the announced investment plan committed for € 61 million at the facility.

The committed investments include € 30.2 million to significantly improve its mill efficiency and therefore increasing its pulp and renewable energy capacity. In addition, the Company will invest € 15 million for a new water treatment cycle that will minimize the water effluent in the production process.

Moreover, Ence will sustain its commitment to environmentally improve its Pontevedra pulp mill, particularly in odor, noise and steam removal, as well as to guaranty its environmental reliability beyond legal requirements, with a close to € 12 million investment. Also noteworthy a € 4 million investment dedicated to the design and development of a landscape integration project of the factory, thus significantly improving its visual presence in the Ria de Pontevedra.

With these investments the company intends to achieve the same pulp production costs level at Pontevedra mill as those reached at Navia mill, which is already one of the two most competitive pulp mills in Europe.