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Upcoming event: IMPS

Photo: IMPS
Photo: IMPS
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Simon Matthis - 21 Jan 2016

IMPS, International Munich Paper Symposium, is closing in. The annual conference focusing on technical presentations related to paper and board manufacturing will take place in Munich, Germany, from 9-11 March 2016.

The theme of the meeting is “Progress in Board and Paper Technology”, and while many of the papers are going to be presented by board mills and paper mills, it will be clear that papermaking equipment and innovations designed to improve the performance of paper, board and printing machines, play a very important role.

Most presentations will deal with first time reports and take an analytical, rather than a commercial approach. The speakers will share their experiences with relatively new systems, and will also take a look at some future developments.

The IMPS has been held annually for more than two decades and is always focused on current topics related to the paper manufacturing and paper supplying industry. In contrast to many very large conferences, the IMPS will host not more than about 400 participants in a first class atmosphere. It is intended to provide an international platform for people working in the field of board, paper and printing technology.