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Brazilian paper exports surge 26 per cent in November

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Simon Matthis - 11 Jan 2016

Brazilian paper producers exported 170,000 tonnes in November 2015, a volume 25.9 per cent higher than the same month of last year, according to a press release from RISI. The increase is mostly related to the exchange rate, which has been encouraging producers to look for new markets abroad and thus offset the negative impact of the Brazilian economic recession on their domestic sales.


In January-November 2015, Brazil exported 1.87 million tonnes of paper, a 10.1% increase over a year ago. In the period, paper export revenues totaled $1.84 billion, or 4.5% higher than January-November 2014. Of this total, Latin America accounted for $1 billion, or 5.8% higher than a year ago, Europe accounted for $240 million (a 2% decrease), North America for $225 million (8.2% lower), Asia/Oceania for $125 million (4.2% higher), China for $112 million (a 40% increase), and Africa for $95 million (up 11.8%).