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Eldorado uses smartphones in silviculture

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Simon Matthis - 04 Dec 2015

Eldorado Brasil has simplified and has automated its process of silviculture operations registration, directly at the field.

Today, every activities performed at the field are registered through a smartphone, ensuring faster process execution and eliminating old inconsistencies, which were generated when typing forms manually. The responsible team started to use the time saved with operations monitoring, also analyzing the operational KPIs.

Carlos Justo, Manager of Forestry Control at Eldorado, comments on the benefits of the solution: “Every day the provision and collection of operational and managerial information in the field become even more relevant to increase the competitiveness and quality of a company’s activities. The practicality to register and transmit the data directly from the field will save a lot of time and make the process more precise”.

Geovany Spalenza, Project Director at Inflor, company responsible for the software development, highlights the importance of the solution to work also off-line. “At the forest, there are many points without phone and internet signals, so we had to create a solution for this scenario. We developed a simple application and very intuitive for users. It can be utilized by any operator at the field, its buttons are big and colorful, to facilitate visualization during daylight. The software updates are made remotely in the, approximately, 600 cellphones of Eldorado, without the need to be online”.

Eldorado Brasil deployed the solution in October and plus 500 employees has been capacitated to use the device and the system.