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Tree Management uses Inflor's technology to manage its forestry assets

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Simon Matthis - 17 Nov 2015

Tree Management, a company of the Tree Florestal Group, uses INFLOR's systems to manage the forestry assets that will supply the thermal plant Campo Grande BioEletricidade, in west of Bahia state, Brazil. The management system plans and control every step of the forestry production chain, monitoring physical and financial variables. With this technology, it is possible to simulate scenarios, set goals, determine costs, productivity and generate kpis. The company has total visibility of all operations, through the web.

Alexandra Pimentel, Forestry Management Head at TreeManagement says: "We proved the importance of having our processes managed by a robust system, worldly recognized and totally aligned with our strategy of providing transparency in operations and ensuring traceability of the entire productive chain. With SGF system deployment, we can manage the forestry base and operations of our customers with more safety and, consequently, we strengthen even more the credibility of our services. We made a specialized configuration (baseline TREE) of prescriptions and productivity, thus, we can quickly incorporate new customers to this model.

Currently, TREE Management manages pine and eucalyptus plantations, in order to to supply the wood demand for energy generation (biomass), sawmill or pulp. "We recently finalized the deployment of a new SGF module and now, with the GIS base all integrated to the operation, we are able to make decisions through a tablet or smartphone, in real time at the forest", completes Pimentel.

TREE Management has begun SGF deployment in 2014 and today every operations of the company are managed by INFLOR's system.