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Voith ProTect ensures safe press felt measurement

Photo: Voith
Photo: Voith
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Simon Matthis - 14 Oct 2015

In the last 24 month Voith has already installed 37 of its ProTect systems that enable press felt measurements to be taken safely while the machine is running. Another 32 such systems have been ordered by various customers in Europe and overseas.

Measurements of the running press fabrics are absolutely indispensable for efficient paper production. They monitor the condition of the felts and from the data conclusion about irregularities are drawn, so that age-related wear or variations in the felt can be reliably identified during operation. Previously, these measurements could only be done manually. For safety reasons, various paper manufacturers and governments have recently started to prohibit these kinds of manual measurements. With ProTect, Voith has developed a solution to replace the manual measuring work conducted by service personnel. It consists of a stand-alone self-propelled carriage on fixed cross beams that can accommodate conventional manual measuring devices for safe use outside the felt run. Pro-Tect can be mounted even in very confined spaces. The system features a battery and integrated water tank, so it does not have to be connected to a power or water supply. In combination with Voith’s OnV FeltView measuring system, ProTect covers the entire spectrum of felt measurement requirements. OnV FeltView can also be integrated into the OnView information system.