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Setra Färila invests in new sawmill equipment

Färila sawmill. Photo: Setra
Färila sawmill. Photo: Setra
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Simon Matthis - 15 Jun 2015

Setra has decided to invest in technology at the Färila sawmill in order to further strengthen competitiveness. The decision has now been made that AriVislanda will be the main supplier of the new equipment.

In October 2015 the sawmill machine manufacturer AriVislanda will supply new sawmill equipment with a control system from RemaSawco to Setra’s sawmill in Färila. The machinery will go into operation in stages during the autumn and the sawmill is expected to return to its present production level by the end of November.

“We chose AriVislanda and RemaSawco as suppliers because their concept meets the function and quality we want in a cost-effective manner,” says Mattias Forslund, Manager of Setra Färila.

“The investment will lead to a higher sawing yield through thinner cuts and more accurate measurement of produced goods. This is entirely in line with our long-term goal to make the best use of our high-quality raw material from this region,” says Forslund.

“We will also achieve greater flexibility in terms of market and higher productivity through more sophisticated control of the machinery,” says Forslund.

 Setra Group has a total of nine sawmills, three processing units and two modular building factories. Setra Färila is a specialised whitewood sawmill with approximately 55 employees. Production in 2014 totalled 151,000 cubic metres of sawn product.