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Cerulean demonstrates importance of testing creases on whole cartons

Image courtesy: Cerulean
Image courtesy: Cerulean
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Simon Matthis - 23 Jan 2015

Cerulean has published a case study showing how its whole carton crease testers have been used to solve an intractable problem for a leading carton producer.

The producer (B) experienced rejections of two million cartons while another visually identical carton from another manufacturer (A) caused no packing problems and no-one could find out why.

The cartons from the two producers were for high speed packing of cake products featuring a top window opening.  Both boxes were produced using the same type of BOBST flat die cutter.

To understand the problem, cartons from each supplier were blind tested using Cerulean’s Laboratory Carton Tester (LCT) - the same way they are erected on a high-speed automatic packing machine.

The whole carton test proved essential as creases near to the window cut-out on one carton type caused the problem. This was previously undetectable but clearly visible on the crease torque measurement produced by the LCT.

Tests were then verified on site by Cerulean’s portable carton tester (PCT) and a tiny adjustment to the creasing knife solved the issue.  No further machine problems or rejected cartons were experienced.