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UPM to commercialise its smart food label

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Simon Matthis - 19 Dec 2014

UPM and Indicatorium Oy have entered into an agreement for the international commercialisation of the food freshness indicator technology developed by UPM. Food freshness indicator is a smart label that reacts to certain chemicals and helps to determine whether a food product is still fresh and safe to eat.

Indicatorium is aiming to introduce food freshness indicator to the global markets.

The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) will finance the initial stage of the project.

Food freshness indicator is a reliable and cost-efficient label that can be easily attached directly into food packaging. It can also be integrated with NFC or RFID technology, and it has several potential applications. Consumer acceptance testing has been performed for the use of the food freshness indicator in poultry product packaging. “Next we are planning to extend the product range to fish packaging and fresh cut fruits and vegetables. Food freshness indicator offers clear financial and competitive advantages to our customers, and it reduces the amount of food waste", says Tomi Siimes, Managing Director at Indicatorium Ltd.