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Tieto provides Cham with a cloud solution

Photo: Cham Paper Group
Photo: Cham Paper Group
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Simon Matthis - 16 Jun 2014

Tieto provides Swiss paper specialist Cham Paper Group Schweiz AG a cost efficient and easily managed cloud solution for creating and optimizing cutting plans for the pulp and paper industry. Web Trim’s Software as a Service solution allows Cham to focus on its core business without any local installations or need to maintain its own IT infra.

Trim is an optimization module of Tieto Integrated Paper Solution TIPS, which is the leading sales, logistics and manufacturing execution system for the pulp and paper industry. 

Cham and Tieto have been working together for more than 15 years. Cham had the need to update its old release of TIPS Trim to the newest Trim application. Tieto suggested that Cham start using Web Trim as Software as a Service, which allows the company to concentrate on its core business while Tieto takes care of the IT infrastructure.

“With this solution, we do not have to invest in our own software and hardware. We can focus on our core business and reduce our IT costs significantly. The collaboration with Tieto has been very constructive and efficient. The support after the implementation has been excellent,” says Markus Keiser, Head of Operations at Cham.

With Web Trim’s Software as a Service solution, the application will always be up to date without any upgrade projects or installations.

“This additional delivery confirms our assumption that there is an increasing demand for cloud applications in the paper industry as well,” says Stefanie Richter, Continuous Service Manager at Tieto Germany GmbH.