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Peikko starts legal proceedings in Hungary

Image courtesy: Peikko Group
Image courtesy: Peikko Group
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Simon Matthis - 05 Dec 2013

In a press release, Peikko Group announces that it has obtained information that its products, product names and product approvals have been copied. Peikko claims that these infringements may lead to safety risks at Hungarian construction sites. 

Peikko has started legal proceedings against the Hungarian company Loschan Kft. Peikko appeals to several different sections of the unfair competition and intellectual property legislation in order for Loschan Kft. to stop the copying of Peikko’s products and product names, and its intentional misleading of customers.   “Peikko will defend its intellectual property rights and cares for that also its competitors comply with valid legislation. It is unfortunate, that despite our attempts we have not been able to reach an understanding with Loschan Kft. Starting legal proceedings is now the only way for Peikko to guarantee the safety of concrete connection items in Hungary,“ states Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation.