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Arjowiggins receives prestigious award

Image courtesy: Arjowiggins
Image courtesy: Arjowiggins
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Simon Matthis - 06 Aug 2013

Arjowiggins Creative Papers has announced that PowerCoat , its revolutionary paper for printed electronics, has been awarded a second prestigious industry prize. The Printing Industries of America have awarded it a coveted InterTechTM Technology Award. The award will be presented at an awards gala on Sunday, September 8th 2013 at the Marriott Chicago Downtown, Chicago, Illinois.

Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ PowerCoat  is a unique cellulosic paper formulation and coating process that provides an ultra-smooth and flexible substrate that facilitates the seamless integration of printed electronics and printed graphics, opening a world of possibilities in the packaging, advertising, textile and pharmaceutical industries.

PowerCoat is a sustainable substrate with polymer-like smoothness (as low as 10 nanometers) that offers excellent printability and ink adhesion properties without any plastic content. Its surface reduces the consumption of expensive silver inks and supports high-resolution fine patterning (down to 5µm) of any solution-based electronic layer.  

When conventional papers are printed with conductive inks, several issues are generally raised: ink is too easily absorbed by the paper causing unnecessarily high levels of ink consumption; surface roughness leads to low resolution patterning and decreased conductivity; yellowing and colour fading, as well as altering of physical characteristics of certain substrates, occur during sintering (the process which fuses conductive inks to the substrate).