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Austrian pulp mill holding expands Ukrainian production

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Tommy Ekholm - 25 Jan 2013

Austrian Pulp Mill Holding GmbH has significantly increased its Ukrainian production at its Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill, one of Europe’s largest cardboard and paper mills.

In 2012 the company increased it output by 6%, over the same period last year

The annual production of cardboard amounted to 119,7000, of which 88,600 tons. accounted for corrugated cardboard.

At the same the production of paper increased by 5.6% to 77,7000 tons, while toilet paper by 16.2% to 395.2 million units Finally, the production of corrugated packaging increased by 18.4% to 228.7 million square meters.   Established in 1977,  Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill currently remains one of Europe’s largest producers of cardboard and paper. The main raw material of the plant is recycled paper.

The current share of the company in the Ukrainian pulp and paper market is currently estimated at 30%, while corrugated products - 23%.