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MWV Rigesa produces second generation Pinus taeda seeds

Pinus taeda trees in Mississippi, USA. Photo: Woodlot
Pinus taeda trees in Mississippi, USA. Photo: Woodlot
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Simon Matthis - 14 Aug 2012

Brazilian group MWV Rigesa announces that its decision to  begin production of second generation genetically improved Pinus taeda seeds has been a success.

Through selection of the best and most productive trees, the recombination with controlled breeding and the experimentation in the countryside, followed by genetic analysis, in 2003, the group started planting woods with Pinus taeda 2nd Generation genetically improved seeds. After 8 years, the woods produce seeds with high genetic quality and greater Mean Annual Increment – MAI –, at around 14%, above that reached previously.According to Laércio Luiz Duda, Genetic Improvement Manager at MWV Rigesa, the research that began 50 years ago resulted in seeds capable of producing forests with MAI estimated at 51 ton/ha/yr, apart from presenting important characteristics like: greater resistance to temperature variations, straighter trunks, thinner branches and better natural pruning, which simplifies management and maximises the general use of the tree, as well as guaranteeing more uniform forests, reducing the cost for cultivation and harvesting of natural forests.MWV Rigesa should make the seeds available for sale, agreeing to collaborate with the development of consumer sectors in planted forests. According to André Staskoviam, the MWV Rigesa Specialist in Seed and Sapling Sales, increasing productivity is also the objective of our clients. “With the acquisition of these seeds, farmers will have more profitable Pinus taeda forests, with higher potential profitability,” concludes the specialist.100% of the MWV Rigesa forests are certified by Cerflor and productivity is of global reference, 40% higher than the domestic average and 60% higher than the Latin American average, as well as double that of the United States and South Africa.