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SCA to invest 130 million euros in Russia

Jan Johansson, CEO of SCA. Photo: SCA
Jan Johansson, CEO of SCA. Photo: SCA
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Henrik Ståhl - 06 Aug 2012

Swedish Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA), one of the world's largest pulp and paper manufacturers, has started the construction of the second stage of its currently existing tissue paper plant in Russia, in the city of Sovetsk (Tula region).

This is expected to become the largest investment project of SCA in Europe in the segment of tissue paper. The new project involves the increase of the current Russian production capacities of the company by three times from the current 30,000 tonnes, as well as building of additional warehouse space, and an international distribution center.

Investments in the second stage of production are estimated at 130 million euros. About 15 million euros will be allocated for the construction of an international distribution center. Primary fiber is expected to be a major source of raw materials for the second stage of the plant. The company believes that the use of this raw material, which will be purchased in Russia and abroad, will help to significantly reduce water and energy consumption during production process.

The launch of the second stage of the factory is scheduled for early 2014. It will specialize in the production of paper products under the Tork brand (towels and toilet paper).

SCA has been working in Russia since 1994. The company currently operates production capacities in the St.Petersburg and Tula regions of the country.