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Luxe Pack in green

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Simon Matthis - 25 Jul 2012

The upcoming Lux Pack 2012 event will feature environmental issues, organizing a green award.  Environmental issues are now at the heart of luxury brands concerns, which are aware of sustainable development and eco-design.

Another environmental issue at Lux Pack Monaco 2012 is a panel discussion dedicated to this subject, giving voice to experts but also by giving operators a unique opportunity to showcase their innovations in this field. This green award will be awarded to the best innovative product, including one or more criteria of sustainable development.

The trophy is an original creation especially designed for the event by Anha, a design agency that will be exhibiting at Luxe Pack  M exhibition.  M. Mike O’Rinel, Communication and Marketing Manager Anha Design agency will give the trophy to the winner.

- The trophy will be made entirely of porcelain. We do that the outer parts to leave a matte finish inside, in the idea that the porcelain comes from the earth. The interior of the higher forms will remain untreated to remind the rawness and soul of matter. The general form is the bark of the tree washed by the sun, as the protective skin of our planet as a symbolic and prone to pangs of humanity.