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First Europe-wide life-cycle assessment for UHT milk packaging

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Simon Matthis - 29 Jun 2012

A recent, Europe-wide life-cycle assessment conducted by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU) has confirmed that, compared to disposable HDPE and PET bottles, carton packs for UHT milk have a significantly better environmental profile − particularly with respect to CO2 emission, use of fossil resources and consumption of primary energy.

In the 1-litre format, carton packs generate 34 per cent less CO2, use 56 per cent less fossil resources, and consume 30 per cent less primary energy compared to HDPE multilayer bottles; when compared to disposable PET bottles, these figures are 45 per cent for CO2, 57 per cent for fossil resources and 36 per cent for primary energy.

The comparative, independently verified study of the environmental impact of those UHT milk packaging solutions with the greatest market relevance in Europe sees the good performance of the renewable main raw material and the resource-efficient use of materials as the key factors contributing to the carton pack’s positive results. Carton packs are already manufactured by around 75 per cent from wood, a sustainable, completely renewable and bio-based resource.