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Metso presents third generation control valve diagnostics

Performance view. Ill:Metso
Performance view. Ill:Metso
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Simon Matthis - 28 Jun 2012

New Metso Valve Manager, representing third generation diagnostics, focuses on maintenance efficiency, improved process performance and cost savings. It visualizes the condition of the valve in question with five different indices: Control performance, Valve condition, Actuator condition, Positioner condition and condition of the operating environment.

With processed and visualized diagnostics information the maintenance managers and engineers and process operators are capable of making educated decisions concerning the control valve maintenance without deep valve know-how. Unexpected shutdowns can be avoided and the control valve performance can be maintained at optimum level by continuously monitoring the condition of the installed base at the plant or mill and by taking the necessary preventive actions based on the available diagnostics information.

When so called preventive or schedule based maintenance strategy is followed, many valves are often needlessly maintained during shutdowns. By focusing the maintenance actions on the valves really needing maintenance, significant maintenance cost savings can be achieved through reduced spare part purchases and reduced need for maintenance resources.

Metso’s new Valve Manager is available for the ND9000 series intelligent valve controllers. The ND9000 series intelligent valve controllers include several in build sensors and they are measuring various internal parameters. Based on this data and on the wide installed base and extensive service experience, Metso has developed mathematical algorithms to calculate the indices in the Performance view.