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New date för IBC paper training

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Simon Matthis - 20 Jun 2012

As per the request of several clients, IBC Paper Training is proposing now a new date for the “Improve your Paper Machine Performance” training: 18th – 20th of September, in Paris, France – held in English.

For the first time, we are concentrating on giving you practical tips and solutions to improve your paper machine’s performance and reduce your TOC.


1-      Introduction

2-      QCS Automation to improve Efficiency

3-      Multi Variables Analysis Software: improve Performance

4-      WE Control to optimize runnability of your machine

5-      Optimize Headbox and Forming Section

6-      Drainage Elements: Best Practices

7-      Water Balance in Press Section to increase Dryness and efficiency

8-      Drying Optimization to improve Machine Performance and save Energy

9-      Steam Box to improve profiling and paper machine Efficiency

10-  Sizing and Coating Section Control: How to improve Efficiency?

11-   Use of Infra-red to improve Machine Efficiency