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UPM Formi takes root in the electronic industry

Image courtesy: UPM
Image courtesy: UPM
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Simon Matthis - 18 Jun 2012

The sustainable UPM ForMi biocomposite replaces plastic as the cover material in the mobile phone microscope. A Finnish technology company, KeepLoop, has tested a new pulp based material in the manufacturing of a microscope accessory for mobile phones. KeepLoop has found UPM ForMi material to be extremely competitive.

“The new biocomposite is an excellent material in the injection moulding production. As a cover material it feels clearly softer and warmer than the traditional PC/ABS polymer plastic”, Jaakko Raukola, the founder of KeepLoop, validates.

Cooperation with KeepLoop is significant for UPM because the mobile phone microscope may bring new prospects to the UPM ForMi in consumer electronics and in consumer optics.

”This is an important new launch and a good indication that the range of usage in biocomposites is very extensive. Customers have already used it in furniture manufacturing and in different utility goods. Now we demonstrate that it meets the needs of the electronic industry as well”, the Director of the UPM ForMi business, Stefan Fors, states.

The KeepLoop mobile phone microscope is based on Finnish innovations and proprietary optoelectronic technology. In May, KeepLoop introduced the microscope, destined for the global markets, at the largest international conference of the graphic industry, the Drupa conference. The conference took place in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The mobile phone microscope is based on a technology developed by The Technical Research Centre of Finland. The mobile phone microscope is suitable for quality assurance in the graphic industry, in safe presswork applications, the paper industry and the coating industry. It can also be used in the health sector, geologic research, leisure activities, education and studies . The device can not only be used in all mobile phones with a camera, but also in tablet computers.