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Södra to supply RME for its own vehicles

Photo: Mattias Johansson
Photo: Mattias Johansson
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Simon Matthis - 13 Jun 2012

As an alternative to diesel, Södra is introducing the fossil-free fuel RME, rapeseed methyl ester, for its own timber trucks, loaders and fork lift trucks in Sweden at five of its fuelling stations. At the same time, transport companies which have agreements with Södra are being offered the opportunity to fill up with RME at the stations.

"The objective is to reduce overall fuel costs for Södra and at the same time provide a more eco-friendly fuel," said Henrik Brodin, project manager for Södra's RME initiative.

The introduction of RME is very much in line with the Södra business model, where the use of fossil-free and renewable products is a key issue," said Klara Helstad, Sustainability manager at Södra.

Södra has entered into agreements concerning the supply of RME manufactured in Sweden with BioFuel Express in Landskrona and Ecobränsle in Karlshamn.  

"Thanks to this agreement, we provide Södra with an excellent product in terms of both quality and the environment, and thanks to our close proximity to Södra's fuelling stations we are also able to provide an excellent service and fast, secure supplies," said Claes Ramel, CEO of Ecobränsle.

From now on, RME will be available alongside diesel at Södra's five biggest fuelling stations in Mönsterås, Mörrum, Värö, Kinda and Långasjö.

"Fuelling stations supplying RME have been available in just a few locations throughout the country to date, but Södra is working on changing that now. By offering RME at our fuelling stations in various geographical locations throughout Southern Sweden, we will allow this renewable fuel to be used just as much as diesel," said Henrik Brodin.

Södra's aim is that RME will account for at least half of all the fuel used by Södra in Sweden within a year.