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Tieto launches a new release of Tips

Photo: Tieto
Photo: Tieto
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Simon Matthis - 04 Jun 2012

Tieto launches release 13.4 of Tieto Integrated Paper Solution Tips, which is a comprehensive sales, logistics and production management solution for the pulp, paper, board and tissue industries.

The handling of Tipsis changing from functional based to workflow driven and 13.4 now contains the first restructured modules. Therefore it is easier and faster to use, and business relevant information is always shown in the right context.

Release 13.4 has e.g. an improved planning function that will guarantee a faster system with lower response time for selected planning operations. The customer will also have a better overview of the loading situation which leads to faster loading, less waiting time for the trucks and better usage of ramps and fork lift trucks. The automated functions will also contain truck dispatch self service to allow the drivers to get the necessary papers themselves, saving time and personnel. Production and delivery planning can now be viewed in one screen to detect possible problems earlier on in the process. This will lead to more accurate delivery times and more optimized planning and delivery, and ultimately more satisfied customers. The new release also gives increased access to business critical data through several mobile apps.

The new product release brings user experience to a new level as the Tips software will help the user to automatically bring possible error data into the ticket tool. The ticket tool in turn is further integrated with Tips online user community. The community is a service and communication channel for all Tips users. It gives customers relevant information about Tips and related topics and helps them to communicate with Tieto.

 “We have put a lot of effort into developing TIPS to better support our pulp and paper industry customers in their business. Our product roadmap focuses on development that will transform the solution on several levels from the service model to workflows and further to the technical details. The new release 13.4 is a big step towards a new level of customer service to the paper companies and paper mills,” tells Christian Hamp, offering owner of Tips.