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AkzoNobel Pulp and Paper Chemicals step into Russia

Image courtesy: AkzoNobel
Image courtesy: AkzoNobel
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Simon Matthis - 16 Dec 2011

On December 15, the Akzo Nobel Chemicals International BV (associated company of AkzoNobel) signed a long-term joint venture agreement with Ilim Group, Russia’s largest producer of forest products, regarding the sodium chlorate production plant located in Koryazhma. Located in the Arkhangelsk Oblast region of northwestern Russia, the plant will be majority-owned and operated by AkzoNobel.

The sodium chlorate production plant will be fully managed and operated by AkzoNobel’s Pulp and Paper Chemicals business, Eka Chemicals, in cooperation with our on-site partner, Ilim Group.

“This fits very nicely into the AkzoNobel growth strategy for markets such as Russia,” says Ruud Joosten, Managing Director of Eka Chemicals. “By entering into this venture, we look forward to further expanding our opportunities in a market with high future potential.”

With AkzoNobel’s chemical manufacturing and technology expertise, the joint venture will improve efficiency and boost output, allowing us to better deliver for our customers.

“We are delighted to become a local producer of bleaching chemicals in Russia, as this gives us an extended platform for future growth in both pulp and paper chemicals in the country, ” says Byron Smith, sBU Director of Eka Chemicals Europe.

Paul Herbert, CEO of Ilim Group stated: “We are glad that our cooperation with one of world’s leading chemical producers is reaching truly new levels. Ilim is the leading pulp and paper company in Russia, so it was crucial for us to find a strategic partner who would be interested in the long-term development of our non-core asset. I am sure that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial.”