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Voith Paper gets recognition for innovation

Photo: Voith Paper
Photo: Voith Paper
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Simon Matthis - 23 Nov 2011

At the beginning of October 2011, Voith Paper Automation was recognized by the federal state of Lower Austria and its Economic Chamber for its OnV FlocSpotter product. Annually about 200 projects are submitted, of which 50 are selected and recognized as the most innovative products. The awarding of the certificate took place during a ceremony for the Lower Austrian "Karl Ritter von Ghega" innovation prize.

With the OnV FlocSpotter sensor, measurement of formation is already possible in the wire section. Formation is crucial to quality in the paper manufacturing process. Until now, it could only be measured before the reel or with great effort in the laboratory. With multi-layer machines, formation of each individual layer now can be inspected separately on the wire fabric before they are couched together. The paper maker thus gets valuable information and, if there are deviations, can intervene in the process at the earliest possible point in time and adjust it.

Additionally, due to improved formation, the uniformity of the board web is increased, while printability, and thus the product quality, are improved. Hence the manufacturer profits from fewer complaints from the printing plants.

The innovation prize is awarded annually to companies whose research facilities are located in Lower Austria or which are members of the Economic Chamber of Lower Austria. Among the criteria for evaluation are the creativity and the technological level of the solution, the benefit for the user and the market opportunities of the product.