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Mondi Syktyvkar launches forest project

Photo: Mondi
Photo: Mondi
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Steven Anderson - 19 Aug 2011

Last month Mondi Syktyvkar launched the large-scale Forest of the Future project to further strengthen its forestry operations. The program is scheduled to close in 2013.

"The aim of the project is to bring our timber business to the next level by increasing the efficiency and profitability of our forestry operations," said Mondi Syktyvkar Managing Director Gerhard Kornfeld. According to Mr. Kornfeld, the Forest of the Future project will further the achievements made in mill’s sustainable forestry operations during the past three years and create a single competitive and balanced system that follows a distinctive strategy. The anticipated outcomes: improved efficiency and an integrated supply chain. Key pillars of this project are Lesnaya Kompaniya (logging), Ezhvatrans (transport) and Ezhvadorstroy (road construction).

The breadth of the project covers the entire wood supply system from Mondi Syktyvkar leased forests to the preparation of raw wood for the pulp flow. It will also include all forestry subsidiaries and associated companies of Mondi Syktyvkar.

"The project will help us to preserve our strategic advantage in Syktyvkar and ensure the sustainability of the forestry operations. In this case, we will focus on using up-to-date methods of forest management," said Klaus Peller, Mondi Syktyvkar member of the board responsible for forestry.