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Solar plant provides independent energy

Photo: Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel
Photo: Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel
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Steven Anderson - 28 Jun 2010

As a further step towards more independence in energy supplies Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel group have recently installed a photovoltaic solar plant on the roofs of warehouses no. 5 and 6.

The technical capacity of this solar plant is 998 kWp, installed on a surface of approx. 18.000 square metre. Within the next few weeks, approx. 8.300 photovoltaic-modules, manufactured by Inventux, will be installed.

By operating the solar plant the company could save about 750.000 kg CO2 per year. This is equivalent to 6.250.000 km motorway-drive with a car, which has a standardised CO2 emission of 120 g per km.

This latest project is another contribution to enlarge share of renewable energy within the company's energy mix. Two biogas engines with 1 MW electrical output each, which are fueled exclusively with biogas from the company's water purification plant, have already been installed in 2006.