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Sino-Forest completes Greenheart aquisition

Photo: SXC
Photo: SXC
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Steven Anderson - 04 Jun 2010

Sino-Forest Corporation, a commercial forest plantation operator in China, is pleased to announce that Sino-Capital Global Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sino-Forest, today completes the acquisition of 2,638,469,000 ordinary shares in Greenheart Resources Holdings Limited, representing approximately 34.4% of the issued share capital of Greenheart. This acquisition increased Sino-Capital’s total holding to approximately 39.6% of the issued share capital of Greenheart. The remaining approximately 60.4% of Greenheart is held by a subsidiary of Omnicorp Limited, a company listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong

Kong Limited in which Sino-Forest is an approximate 20.0% shareholder (fully-diluted 40%).